Monday, March 20, 2017

Fast and Furious Year

We have had a fast and furious year so far! It's hard to believe that we're past Spring Break and looking forward to Summer Camp!

Our classes this year have been full and filled with lots of fun and learning! We work so hard in our classes and move so quickly that we rarely have time for pictures, but here are a couple of our students getting our beds ready to plant our vegetable gardens after Spring Break.

We work on our vegetable gardens during our Nature Study time (among other things!), but we also have lots of fun playing our grammar games, reading good books, writing fables and fairy tales, memorizing Scripture and poetry, and discussing engaging topics.

If you're interested in joining our classes, email with:

  1. your child's name 
  2. your child's Kinder Start year (or current grade if he's older)
  3. your child's school
  4. your name
  5. your email address
  6. your address
  7. your phone number 

We have registration waitlists for kinder classes as far away as 2021, so join the list now for the best chance at joining classes! The future class waitlists function primarily as a planning tool so we know how many classes to plan for, but they also get you first dibs on signing up when the time comes to open registration for your child's first CC class (1st grade).


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